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Most importantly – we at are not professional physicians or nutritionists.  We are part of a growing community of people who are interested in knowing more about our food and where it comes from.  The information posted here is a culmination of what we have learned, good or bad, true or not-so-true, over the course of our journey.  We attempt to verify the information and would not knowingly post false information.  But we are subject to the same issues you are of trying to parse out what is truth and what is something we are only led to believe is true.  Please seek the advice of a health professional before making decisions concerning your personal health including making diet changes, embarking on weight loss attempts, or beginning a fitness program.

Privacy Policy

We will not knowingly share any private information you give us directly (email address, for example).  Having said that, please note the following:

  • Posts and comments by individuals are viewable by any visitor to the site.
  • If you are linked from this site to another site, be aware they will have and adhere to their own privacy policy (or lack thereof).
  • Any other sites you are logged into while also using this site will adhere to their own privacy policies as well.  This may include reading and writing cookies to your computer and other actions we do not participate in but also do not control.


We post original content or make every attempt to credit copied content back to the original author.  Please extend us the same courtesy if you are forwarding along our content for personal use.  If you wish to commercially publish or use content you see at, send us an email at for appropriate permissions.


Links are provided to Amazon and other affiliate programs where we may earn a commission to help offset the costs of this site.  If you buy something using these links, your support is appreciated.

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