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Mar 24

Local CSAs

Ready to eat real and eat local?  CSAs are a great way to incorporate unprocessed real food into your diet.  Follow this link to find CSAs in your area:  Local Harvest

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Mar 18

Fresh Is Best (Eat Local!)

The sun is shining and even here in the Midwest we are beginning to anticipate the upcoming growing season.  Well prepared gardeners are watching their early indoor seeds sprout and are eagerly wishing they could predict when the last frost will come and go.  As the season progresses there will be a bounty of locally grown foods all around us.  Yet many people will continue to buy foods which have travelled hundreds, even thousands, of miles to get to market while the fresh stuff all around them is distributed miles away through wholesale supply chains.  Many make this choice out of habit.  Others would like to eat fresher foods but believe it is more convenient and economical to buy this food that has been gathered and redistributed over the many miles.

But eating local, fresher foods doesn’t have to be a daunting or expensive venture.  Here are a few ideas for bringing fresher, locally grown foods to your table.

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