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Mar 18

Fresh Is Best (Eat Local!)

The sun is shining and even here in the Midwest we are beginning to anticipate the upcoming growing season.  Well prepared gardeners are watching their early indoor seeds sprout and are eagerly wishing they could predict when the last frost will come and go.  As the season progresses there will be a bounty of locally grown foods all around us.  Yet many people will continue to buy foods which have travelled hundreds, even thousands, of miles to get to market while the fresh stuff all around them is distributed miles away through wholesale supply chains.  Many make this choice out of habit.  Others would like to eat fresher foods but believe it is more convenient and economical to buy this food that has been gathered and redistributed over the many miles.

But eating local, fresher foods doesn’t have to be a daunting or expensive venture.  Here are a few ideas for bringing fresher, locally grown foods to your table.

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Mar 14

Nutty Fruit Cups

Nutty Fruit CupGranola bars are a staple for many people trying to stay healthy. But if you look hard at the ingredients in some of the more popular brands you may be amazed at how much refined sugar and other processed ingredients they contain.

Use your own dehydrated fruits in these Nutty Fruit Cups to create an easy breakfast on the go or a late afternoon pick-me-up snack. I refrigerate them only because the nut butters they are made from require refrigeration after opening.

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Mar 12

What It’s All About

What does “Eating Real” even mean?

The Question

Asking this question can lead to a variety of answers.  For many people the act of eating is a string of mindless habits developed to satisfy hunger and cravings.  For a growing number of us, however, choosing what foods to put in our bodies is an expression of our philosophical, ethical, and spiritual beliefs.

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Mar 10

Spring Cleaning Pt. 1

SpringI don’t know how the weather is in your area, but we are having a wonderful weekend where warmer temperatures and bright sunshine hint at the fact spring is nearly upon us… finally!  I’m not complaining, mind you, for this has been one of the milder winters the Midwest has seen in a while.  But no matter how mild it has been winter still brings with it a collecting of things, dirt and dust included.  The impending change of seasons triggers in me an urge to clear away.  And clean, of course.

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