Mar 10

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Spring Cleaning Pt. 1

SpringI don’t know how the weather is in your area, but we are having a wonderful weekend where warmer temperatures and bright sunshine hint at the fact spring is nearly upon us… finally!  I’m not complaining, mind you, for this has been one of the milder winters the Midwest has seen in a while.  But no matter how mild it has been winter still brings with it a collecting of things, dirt and dust included.  The impending change of seasons triggers in me an urge to clear away.  And clean, of course.

So my recent change towards natural eating has catapulted me into finding other areas in my life where I can strip away some complexities.  As I was looking through my cleaning supplies I stumbled upon a couple of facts.  The main one being there really are a lot of caustic chemicals which we have invited into our everyday lives.  We have done so on the premise they somehow make life better by making it cleaner.  The second thing I realized is that large companies have been effective in their advertising towards us in general and me in particular.  I mean, other than being told so in commercials, nothing else makes me believe I really need the following in my home: one cleaner for the bathroom, one specifically for the toilet, one for the kitchen, one for windows, one to dust, one to mop, and one to make everything smell fresh once it is clean.

I know there are cleaners out there which claim to be more natural, and perhaps when I have time to research them I will have a better formed opinion on what benefits they hold.  But for this year’s spring cleaning I’m cleaning out my cleaning supplies and giving an old tried and true method a chance in our house.  White vinegar and water – a 50/50 mix – in a spray bottle will clean just about anything.  Ok, maybe not as quickly and thoughtlessly as more caustic chemical cleaners, but a couple of easy tricks make this wonder cleaner perhaps the only one I’ll be using this season.

  • This vinegar and water solution works great on windows – it even cuts through dried and crusty dog snot better than any “leading” window cleaner I’ve ever tried.  (For those of you who are not pet owners, my apologies on the graphic nature of that remark.  For those of you who are pet owners, you are welcome for the tip!)
  • A sponge with a mildly rough side means you have to trade a little less elbow grease for this more natural cleaning solution
  • For dried on food, especially around the stove, spray the vinegar/water solution liberally and let it soak a few minutes while you wipe down other surfaces in the kitchen.  By the time you get back to the stubborn area it will be loosened and ready to go.
  • Use vinegar without diluting it in water for removing soap scum
  • Don’t be concerned about the vinegar smell.  It subsides pretty quickly, and if you want to speed up the process light a candle in the room you have just cleaned.


Chester in the window

Our dog, Chester, checks things out through the vinegar cleaned window.

Happy Cleaning!

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