Mar 13

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How I became a Plant Strong Mommy

I am so excited to be sharing my perspective on how I became a Plant Strong Mommy and why and what living “plant strong” means to me. I will also be sharing recipes that I have created and some that I have found along the way. I will be posting LOTS of pictures of my “plant strong” creations. You will soon find out that I am a sucker for “pretty” food.

A little about me. I’m a 35 year old stay-at-home Mommy of 3. My husband and I have two beautiful daughters 10 and 6 and a baby boy that just turned 4 months old. I’ve been married to my best friend and love of my life for almost 14 years. I’m completely sold out to Jesus. He’s the reason I get up every morning. My faith is what motivates me to do everything in my life. I am a new creation! My life verse is John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

What inspired our family to make the change to a plant strong diet was viewing the documentary “Forks Over Knives”. I had already been feeling the call to be a better steward of this body that God has given me. After viewing this documentary it sealed the deal for me and thankfully my wonderful husband was also completely on board. My family has a history of heart disease and Type II diabetes and I did not want to follow down that same path. My husbands family also has a history of heart disease and high blood pressure. And so our journey began!

I firmly believe that when you have a revelation like I did that Sunday afternoon in January you have two choices: #1 you can go on about your life with all of this new information and choose to make no changes or #2 you can take all of the new information and put it into action. We chose action. Starting a journey like this can be very overwhelming so I was very blessed to have a dear friend that was already eating a plant strong diet to give me some insight. I also have to say that Google is a wonderful tool that I use ALL of the time these days.

What does “plant strong” mean exactly? Well, exactly what it sounds like it means. Lots of fruits & veggies, grains & beans. We aren’t vegetarian and we aren’t vegan. We try to only eat what we can pronounce. Engine 2 Diet best explains how we try to eat.

Believe me, i know that this can get very overwhelming very quickly if you just try and go “whole hog” as they say. If you get too overwhelmed most likely you will quit and I’m rooting for you to succeed! Our family started by first eliminating fast food. Not only is it completely unhealthy it can also get very expensive. Next we began eliminating processed foods & sodas from our diet. Last was meat, dairy, oil & sugar. DON’T STOP READING. I’ve heard it all…TRUST ME. It IS possible to eliminate these things and still eat like royalty. You think you can’t live without (insert food here) but you really can and you will be healthier for doing so. I thought it was going to be hard giving up meat but we truly have not missed it. I never knew how much I loved fresh fruits and vegetables until now! We are even getting ready to plant our very first organic vegetable garden.

I’m looking forward to sharing how this major lifestyle change has impacted our family and can’t wait for you to check out my recipes! Until then I’m giving you some homework: take inventory of what you are eating (or for some of you maybe it’s what you aren’t eating). Read the labels of some of your favorite “go-to” meals. Also check out the nutrition info of some of your favorite meals you pick up at the fast food chains. There will be a test 😀

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  1. Teresa Russell

    This is wonderful. Can’t wait to see the different recipes that will be coming from this blog.

  2. Charlotte Lipe

    Good Job!

  3. Alice Cliett

    Great article, Jamie! And, this new “food” lifestyle is something that I think is wonderful for you and your family. I am very proud of you for seeking this, and I am sure that your future health issues will be reduced greatly because of a healthy eating lifestyle. Look forward to seeing your recipes…glad you will be sharing them and making them public. Maybe others will “see your good works” and follow in your footsteps. Congratulations to you for this life-changing decision.

  4. Darci Stewart

    Cool blog Jamie! I really need to eat healthier, like cut out sodas and junk food and fast food, But how can you not eat meat and only eat fruits, veggies and beans and not be vegetarian or vegan? =/

    1. PlantStrongMommy

      Good question Darci! The answer is that vegetarians & vegans can still eat processed foods, oils, sugar etc.. Eating plant strong you want to try and cut out those things. I can be vegetarian and still consume dairy and we are dairy free. I hope this answers your question 🙂

  5. Anne Davis

    Can’t wait for great recipes to try…

  6. randy

    Tried zucchini fries last night but they turned out soggy. Do you have any suggestions.

    1. PlantStrongMommy

      I would try letting them drain on a kitchen towel or some papertowels for a bit before cooking them. They naturally have a lot of moisture in them. I would try 15-30 mins & see if that helps.

  7. ashley

    So Proud of you Jamie!!!! I love following a diet like this. Of course we haven’t eliminated meats but everything else is out the door! you just feel soo much better!

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